AFM UFO Straight 45cm White

Sale price$269.00 AUD


AFM UFO Straight 45cm White

A large AFM straight glass bong with UFO perc, coloured accents on mouth and base and slit down stem diffuser with cone piece.

  • Approx height 45cm
  • Can diameter 50mm
  • Neck diameter 44mm
  • UFO perc enclosed in bubble
  • Heavy and thick borosilicate glass
  • 18mm female joint
  • 18-14mm down stem with slit diffuser
  • Down stem length 15cm
  • 14mm single hole cone piece included
  • White accents on foot and mouth
  • AFM logo on neck

A heavy and solid Alien Flower Monkey glass bong that looks and feels very well made. The diffused down stem combined with UFO perc create plenty of smoke diffusion and a smooth rip.


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