RAW Rolling Trays

Style: MED Original
Sale price$25.90 AUD


RAW Rolling Tray

The newly designed RAW Rolling Tray is based on the 1970's era Club brand. Rolling trays were used extensively by smoking connoisseurs for rolling cigarettes. 

This rolling tray features a heavy duty thick metal design with rounded corners. 

Product Details:

  • Medium Tray
  • Length: 28cm (Approx)
  • Width: 18cm (Approx)
  • Depth: 3cm (Approx)
  • Large Tray
  • Length: 34cm (Approx)
  • Width: 27.5cm (Approx)
  • Depth: 3cm (Approx)

These are genuine RAW rolling trays. Use menu to select your tray.

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