US Tubes 43cm Glass Bubble Bong 55

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US Tubes 43cm Round Bottom Bong 55 Purple

Simple clear and very high quality round bottom beaker with extra glass added to the base for strength.

US Tubes decal on the neck & ice notches.

Product Details:

  • Height: 43cm (Approx)
  • Joint size: 18mm (F)
  • Stem: 18mm - 14mm Diffuser
  • Stem length: 14cm (Approx)
  • Cone: 14mm (M) Included
  • Neck diameter: 50mm (Approx)
  • Wall thickness: 5mm (Approx)
  • Made from US33 Borosilicate glass
  • Made in Berkeley California

US Tubes is a high end scientific glass company from California. They use American Borosilicate glass to make high quality scientific glass bongs and equipment. Their focus is on creating extremely strong products with extra thick glass in the places where breakages commonly occur.

When you pick up a US Tubes glass bong you can instantly feel the difference. 

Easy Bong is an Australian owned and operated glass bong specialty store. Bongs are our business.

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