Chromatic Sacred Flower Heavy glass Beaker Bong 40cm

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Chromatic Flower Of Life Heavy Glass Beaker Bong 40cm

The prismatic effect is achieved by going through a process which creates a blue hue on neck going down to almost white at the base. This is a very attractive reasonably large beaker style bong.

It features an etched sacred flower of life symbol in the neck.

Heavy, thick and solid piece.

Product Details:

  • Height: 40cm (Approx)
  • Joint size: 18mm
  • Stem: 18mm - 14mm Slit diffuser
  • Stem length: 13.5cm
  • Cone: 14mm Included (May vary from picture)
  • Ice notches
  • Etched flower of life symbol in neck
  • Neck diameter: 50mm (Approx)
  • Base diameter: 12.5cm (Approx)
  • Wall thickness: 9mm (Approx)
  • Made from Borosilicate glass

A very attractive larger sized bong, the colour effect changes under certain light conditions. The etched design is done by hand in NSW Australia.

This is a solid glass bong, with thick walls and well made. It's also a size that is suitable for most Aussie smokers.

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