Aussie Bong Grommet Coloured

Color: Green
Sale price$2.00 AUD


Aussie Bong Grommet Silicone Coloured

These grommets are made from silicone rubber, not nitrile rubber like typical grommets. So these are soft and will not degrade from UV light.

These coloured grommets are also safe to use with almost all chemicals, so they will not be affected by cleaning substances.

We recommend lubricating the grommet when inserting or removing the stem, water, spit, Vaseline, any form of lubricant.

Will fit any Agung, MWP bong that uses bonza stems, ie stems that are approximately 16mm in diameter.

Product Details:

  • Fits: 16mm Diameter stem
  • Made from Silicone

Price is per grommet.

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