EHLE. Glass Cone Piece

Size: 18mm
Sale price$39.90 AUD


EHLE. Glass Cone 

The EHLE. 'Hamburg' funnel-cone has been made to accommodate the regular Australian smoker, featuring a small hole and a cone size similar to that of the brass cone-pieces seen right around the country.

It is best suited for smokers who shred their herbs into a fine consistency so that the ash can be pulled through the bottom of the cone in a 'snapping' action at the end of a hit.

This cone is included with every EHLE. tube purchased from Ozbongs and while this is the correct replacement cone, please ensure you are buying the correct size for your bong.

EHLE. glassware is hand crafted in Germany from only the highest quality German glass, no cheap imported components are used.

Quality, design and detail are what has made EHLE. one of the most sought-after brands.

All of our EHLE. products are 100% genuine, guaranteed. 

**Logo & signature may or may not be present on the glass due to different production batches.

Product Details:

  • Joint size: 18mm or 14mm (Select size)
  • Hole diameter: 5mm (Approx)
  • Great for 'Aussie-Style' smokers
  • Genuine German made high end glass

Make sure to select your required size from the menu at right.

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