HD Leaf Glass Beaker Bong 40cm

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HD Leaf Glass Beaker Bong 40cm

A heavy beaker made from 7mm Borosilicate glass with a reinforced female joint and a sandblasted leaf etched into the neck.

Product Details:

  • Height: 40cm (Approx)
  • Joint size: 18mm (F)
  • Stem: 18mm - 14mm Slit diffuser
  • Stem length: 13cm
  • Cone: 14mm Single hole
  • Ice notches
  • Wall thickness: 7mm (Approx)
  • Made from Borosilicate glass
  • Leaf design etched into neck. (Done in house in NSW)

Beakers are a very popular type of bong sold in Australia. They are simple, easy to clean and very effective. 

This would be classified as a medium to large bong. Popular with a lot of Aussie smokers as a daily driver.

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