Móltn Glass 45cm Beaker Bong Bold Logo Red

Sale price$345.00 AUD


Móltn Glass 18" Beaker Bold Logo 

High quality and sturdy beaker from Moltn Glass, USA. Features the Moltn decal on the neck with bold logo on the stem and back.

This beaker has ice notches for a cooler smoke and triple-slit diffusion on the stem.

Product Details:

  • Height: 45cm (Approx)
  • Joint size: 18mm (F) Ground
  • Cone: 14mm Single-hole 
  • Stem: 18mm - 14mm Slit-diffuser
  • Stem length: 17.5cm (Approx)
  • Mouthpiece diameter: 6.5cm (Approx)
  • Base diameter: 13.5cm (Approx)
  • Wall thickness: 5mm (Approx)
  • Genuine American made glass 


Moltn Glass is a high end glass bong maker in California USA. These are well made glass bongs using quality material and joints.
These beaker bongs and percolated bongs are made to a high standard and are very nice to hold, use and look at. 

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