Prism Beaker Bong Drippy Purple Black Clamp

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Prism Single Stack Beaker Drippy Purple Black Clamp

The 45cm Pretty Done Single Stack Beaker with a blue clamp, features a 5mm mouthpiece with the 'Pretty Done' design and a matching 7mm 'Pretty Done' beaker base. The 18mm - 14mm diffuser stem is made of Fluro reactive purple glass and comes with a matching 14mm handle cone.

Prism Water Pipes make custom bongs that focus on making sure that a Prism owner always has a clean bong. Their mission is to modify the water pipe by design to eliminate issues based around breaking glass, cleaning, and the simple fact that you can't change a solid glass piece. The modular concept allows you to do all of this with ease.

Using Aluminium clamps to create a perfect seal allows the owner to handle it as if it were a solid piece of glass while also being able to take it apart to clean.

Product Details:

  • Height: 45cm (Approx)
  • Joint size: 18mm (F)
  • Stem: 18mm - 14mm Reduced diffuser
  • Stem length: 14cm (Approx)
  • Cone: 14mm Single-hole, handle
  • Mouthpiece thickness: 5mm (Approx)
  • Base thickness: 7mm (Approx)
  • Base diameter: 13.5cm (Approx)

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