Toker Poker Bic Lighter Sleeve

Style: Alice 01
Sale price$19.95 AUD


Toker Poker 

Finally, your poker, hemp wick, tamper, and lighter are all in the same place.

Toker Poker created this product with quality as their top priority. It’s ergonomic design combined with stainless steel smoking accessories makes it the one and only. 

* Does not include lighter or hemp wick.

Product Details:

  • 1 x Toker Poker sent
  • Includes stainless steel poker
  • Fits standard size Bic lighter
  • Select design from menu

We introduced the Toker Poker into Australia around 2015 after seeing them at a trade show in Las Vegas and instantly liking them. Over the years they have become a very popular item amongst Aussie stoners and bong enthusiasts.

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